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Why do we choose react JS for web development?

May 26, 2022

React JS is fundamentally a JavaScript library that is built and maintained by Facebook. According to the inventor of React JS, Jordan Walke, React is an effective, declarative, and stretchy open-source JavaScript library for constructing simple, and scalable frontends of web applications. ...

Why do we choose to react JS for web development?

We choose React JS for web development as it has top benefits like

Flexible and easy to maintain

React code is very easy to update and we choose this to maintain due to its modular structure. React projects are very flexible and can be scaled simply. It can also help you to save time in the long run.

Create react app

React offers to create react app, which does all the heavy lifting of setting configuration and aids us to focus on code and not the toolchain. We choose this as this command in React installs the dependencies wanted to build your project and also generated an original project structure. By running this, we can quickly start with original projects.

Component Style Architecture

ReactJS is a Component Style Architecture, and that is where the forthcoming of the web is. This Architecture has also aided the Java developer community to travel to ReactJS with less friction.

Rich User Interface Support

The quality of the user interface in an app plays an important role. Poorly considered user interfaces lower the balance of an application to flourish. But, if an application has a high-quality User Interface, then there are improved chances for users to use the app. React lets building high-quality, user interfaces through its mechanisms.

It lets writing custom components

React comes with JSX, which is a syntax extension, which styles it possible to write the components. We choose React JS as these components take HTML quoting and also makes subcomponent interpreting a delightful experience for developers.

High Performance

ReactJS main feature is Virtual DOM in which the depiction of UI components is reserved in memory and then synchronized with real DOM by the library such as React DOM marks in high performance of the app and gives a better user experience.

Easy change to React Native

React Native is a mobile app development framework, based on React and we choose it as it is effortless for ReactJS developers to change to React Native. We can recycle some components established in React web application into a React Native mobile app, which advances the development speed.

Lesser development time with greater quality

React lets you write clean & modular code, by breaking the project into distinct components. So, we can reuse the code, which will increase the efficiency of developers and the ReactJS development company.

Numerous third-party component

We choose React JS as it has a strong developer community, and there are third-party open-source components that are available and which we can use in our project.

Easy to learn

React is much more relaxed to learn than other general frontend frameworks and it is one of the main reasons why React gained so much acceptance in little time. It aids businesses quickly building their projects.

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Why UX design is so important in software development?

May 26, 2022

User experience (UX) plays an important role in the success of software development as it essentially refers to the general experience of software and it focuses on solving the user’s problems and adds instinctive, aesthetically-pleasing interfaces. It is crucial to understand that UX design is just as significant as software design as it brings a completely different eye to the visual and reasonable aspects of your application ...

Why it’s important to invest time and effort in developing UX from the moment the product is created?

Improved Product Performance

Software development is not about design that looks good but also the design that works well and makes the users feel special. From the functional view, design is essential in cultivating the efficiency of the custom software that has been established, which means that the general UX is better because of improved performance.

High Productivity & Production Optimization

Developing clear and instinctive custom software with the user in mind, with minimal bugs, and by using functional design allows users to reach planned results faster and hence be more creative and efficient. This also decreases the time and cost involved in software development because a UX-oriented template can then be simulated for future use. When a user interface is fast to learn and easy to use, it also decreases the effort required for training new users and the cost of product support. When custom software companies build software with the UX they reduce the chances of rephrasing and redesigning.

Product Distinction

Users do not look at good-looking design or exciting product structures, but more importantly, they look at how effortlessly they can use the product and how even is the experience. They will recurrently invest in a brand that helps them attain their goals faster and with less effort. So UX-centric software development is not a feature but a significant differentiation factor. Providing a better user experience is vital for the customers to prefer your product over the competition.

Lower budgets and time management

You have the very little risk that your customers would have a matter with your application if you invest in a great UX design. A great product does not need steady updates so you save money on an update. The promotion needs some money and time and loss for your company will occur. The active architecture of UX saves development time. Mock-ups & prototypes flat out problems before an extended period of production. You keep the path of the release date so you are less possible to go back and redo expansion work.

Instinctive Interfaces

Having a practical interface is also crucial when it comes to the ease of your software. Users want to skill the best technology without having to devote too much of their time. Preferably, the interface that you deliver for your user to direct should be self-guiding and instinctive. The flow within the app should not need much guidance for the user to operate effectively. Focusing too much on random design features over basic functionality can result in a loss. With simple functionality, you can hold your user’s attention and approval in the long run. The quicker your user can cooperate with your application and find it easy to function, the chances of them being gratified and coming back rises exponentially.

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Why do we choose react JS for web development?

May 26, 2022


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