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Cloud and Workplace Services

Cloud-enables your enterprise to accelerate cost-effective, secure and nimble business operations, and enhance user satisfaction without compromising security

Cloud & Servers

Cloud Services to Enable Your Innovation and Agility

Whether you are just starting your journey, already on the path, or have fully embraced, you can rely on us as your trusted partner to solve problems and keep you free of the operational overhead and let you focus on outcomes.


Managed Services

Today’s operations need to support low-cost innovation and agility yet, maintain repeatability and predictability. We have an application-centric approach to meet these needs. We use declarative configurations, comprehensive observability, and API based automation and orchestration. We leverage AI and ML technologies to maximize efficiency with a hybrid digital/human operation and meet service level objectives.

Cloud Migration

Whether you are looking to migrate your office productivity, the flagship product, or entire data center of enterprise applications, or from one cloud to another, we have done it before and can help you do it. With a combination of automation, tooling, tried and tested processes, our migration experts can assess your migration requirements, help you prepare, perform the migration, and ensure that you are fully optimized.

Cloud Enablement

We work with you to align your enterprise standards for architecture, technical operations, information security, and finance operations into codified configurations for a versionable, deployable, foundational cloud platform. We also work with you to develop self-service deployable products and shared services for an efficient cloud deployment.

Cloud Services


Cloud service

Cloud is everywhere, from productivity applications delivered as SaaS to infrastructure to platform services. Knowing where to start and which path to take can be a daunting and confusing task, especially with today’s rate of change. If you are already in the cloud, we can help you operate, freeing your resources to focus on your business while delivering your desired outcomes.



Flash Infolabs focuses on enabling organizations to adopt cloud-based SaaS solutions to empower the productivity of employees rapidly. We empower companies to integrate, migrate, and manage their SaaS portfolio to ensure optimization, efficiency, security, and cost savings.

DevOps services


Infrastructure Management

Manage interactions between your cloud and on-premises environments, servers, storage, network, virtualization software and more.


Operational Management

Design, oversee and control your cloud operational processes.


Capacity Management

Ensure your сloud resources are right-sized to serve business workloads in a cost-effective manner.


Availability Management

Implement robust monitoring within event-driven management architecture.


release management

Increase the number of successful deployments through effective release management practices.


security management

Manage inspections, security audits and apply best security practices.


24/7 DevOps Support

Extensive 24/7 end-to-end support of your infrastructures, workloads, and operations.

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